Right after I graduated, I started teaching and taught preschool and kindergarten for 5 years. Now I'm a Stay at Home Mom with an incredibly supportive husband, a 7-year-old daughter, and a 4-year-old son. I have found myself having time for art for the first time since high school and I'm loving it! I discovered ATCs a year ago and they've been a game changer. I can start and finish 1-2 "mini masterpieces" in a day! I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in art. It's been such an amazing hobby to get into and I'm also really enjoying sharing this with my children.


George Nigro

​I'm Jamie and one of the main things about me is that I like to draw. I've always loved drawing. I started taking art classes in junior high, and really got into them at Hinsdale South where I attended high school. My art classes included: drawing, animation & cartooning, and ceramics. I was also heavily involved in Illusion (our art magazine) the Art Club, and the Art Honor Society. I graduated from Benedictine University in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a minor in English Language & Literature. 


My husband Milan and I are long time residents of Romeoville and have five wonderful grown up children and one amazingly lovely granddaughter who shares the love of ART with me. That’s Gabrielle playing the Ukulele in the picture above.

For a little over ten years, I was an art instructor in an afterschool art program here in Romeoville. Seeing the children and their skills blossom in addition to the positive energy that came from sharing with them the love of art was a great joy for me.    read more...

Thomas E. Rednour III Co-Founder  

By trade I am an office manager, by heart, I am a writer, author, and artist.
Growing up I enjoyed art and began to show a talent for drawing at an early age. My love for writing surfaced much later.
My first self-published book titled “A Cup of Inspiration To Go Please – My Heart Runneth Over” is a collection of inspirational poems and quotes written over the course of time, during my "stay at home mom" years, when I began writing on a more serious level. I started a blog 
www.writerbeeme.blogspot.com. I also began designing greeting cards and bookmarks featuring my poetry, photography, and artwork and opened a shop on Etsy www.hollycoopcards.etsy.com.

Member of Write-On Joliet, Tri-County Writer's Guild, and Romeoville Art Society

My second book titled “Heart Strings – Forever Wanderer” is soon to be released Spring 2017. All books and e-books are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

Ed Smith grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. His love of art started at the early age of two and by twenty he had illustrated his first series of children’s books. He enjoys designing creative mischief through cartooning, character & concept design, illustration, gallery exhibitions and teaching. He is president and founder of The Artist Guild of Lockport (TAGOL). He enjoys art books, breakfast, Hawaii and loves sharing life with his wife Stephanie and their two cats Maui & Mooch. - Mahalo

I am just starting to get into the art world after raising my children. I now have time to do what I would like to do and to achieve my goal in art I've joined the Art Guild almost a year now and have been working on three different shows which all have been successful.

​​I am grateful to and inspired by all the creative and kind people in this group.

I am a REALTOR who loves helping people and who loves ART!  

Some people might say REALTOR's are matchmakers... we introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one.

My hope is to help introduce and inspire this community to create more art and connect with local artists. 

Barbara Berney is an American digital fine artist and designer. From her earliest days, drawing with crayons on her new bedroom wallpaper, she knew she would be an artist. She pursued many areas of the arts, from silversmithing to ceramics and quiltmaking, batik, printmaking, drawing and painting. 

Barbara Bonner

One could see this from all the different groups and organizations he participates in. Thomas is an Eagle Scout. Thomas was in band and theater in high school. For close to a decade Thomas had been a stagehand to a Stage Manager for the Miss Romeoville Pageants. Thomas is a Member of Romeoville Public Television (RPTV) now called Vortv from the 1990’s to present day as a cameraman, video switcher, and producer.

In College, Thomas studied Marketing and in fact has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lewis University. During the time spent at Joliet Junior College, Thomas was active in several clubs and organizations like the JC Players and Student Government. The time in Student Government Thomas was the Cross-Cultural Programming Board President, where Creating events and activities for all students made thinking creatively and outside the box was a common occurrence.     read more...


Currently, Melanie is continuing her education by working towards her Associates Degree in Fine Arts. There may not be a set path, but wherever life takes her, she will be surrounded by the beauty of creativity.

Born in Lockport, Melanie has been raised in the arts including Dance Education and Performance, Pottery Making, Custom Culture Pinstriping, and Photography. She has spent ten years of her life performing dance and also contributes her time and art through the Chicago Brushmasters, raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Holly Coop

Artist, Student, Dancer

​​​​​​Copyright  Romeoville Art Society. All rights reserved.

Melanie A. Smazik

George Nigro
is your all around family guy. He currently resides in Romeoville with his wife Jo Ann. He also goes by the name of Grandpa to his two grandsons.

Anthony, George’s youngest son lives in Glen Ellyn with his wife and two children, Michael and Dominic.

Since retiring from the graphic design field, George has taken back to his hobby of sketching and photography. He enjoys taking photos of nature and his family. George then sketches in charcoal, pencil or colored pencil.

You can usually find Rich Green behind his computer imagining himself as the characters he creates to draw the life into them.  He works primarily digitally, but also enjoys putting a pencil to paper or paint on a brush now and then as well. 
He has illustrated a number of children’s books including A Girl With A Pink Cape, A Boy With A Cape and Niko & Kate.   He is also working on a series of illustrations for Chicago Treasure which is expected to be released in late 2017.
His personal work is now being shown in galleries and art shows throughout the year. 
He is an active member of the SCBWI IL Illustrators Network, The Artist Guild of Lockport and The Romeoville Art Society. 
Rich graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Computer Graphics and Animation. 
He lives in Joliet, IL with his faithful dog Annie by his side all day as he creates.

Teresa Montgomery

Barbara Berney

Pat McCure

I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer, videographer, wife, and mother.  I enjoy fine arts such as drawing, painting and sculpture, yarn arts such as crochet and knitting, and I sew and make patterns. I am also a member of the PTO at RC Hill Elementary School.   

Jamie Jensen

Heather Jelic Founder

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, I moved to Burr Ridge, IL in 1977, married and moved to Romeoville, IL in 1983, moving to my current home in Joliet in 2015.  Divorced, I am the mother of 3, grandmother of 5.  I love to read and crochet and have recently started writing poetry.  I am interested in my family genealogy and am the historian for the First Congregational Church of Lockport.  I've compiled a book titled 'Ministers' Biographies 1832-1943' and am work on compiling an overview of history of the church for the same time period. 

​Patricia S. McCure (Besst Martin) is a retired high school English teacher with a passion for the written word.  For over twenty years, she has focused her writing on devotions and inspirational, faith-based material. 

She has produced numerous devotionals, group study programs, poems, stories, and scripts for family, friends, and church.  Pat and her husband Larry enjoy amateur photography.  Pat writes under a pen name as a tribute to her father and grandmother.


Ed Smith

Starla Snead

 I do a lot of oil painting and I also love to do soft pastel.  I have also worked with wood art wood burning and I do like to do needlepoint. I have done a few pieces that turned out really great.  I am very versatile and it's things I like to do but I would love to excel with my art that is my goal.

Janice Nambo

Rich Green

My study of calligraphy began in 2003 as a way for me to transition into my role as a stay-at-home mom. I became a professional engraver in 2011 and became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in 2013. 

My company, Designs by Starla, creates unique and creative gifts through calligraphy, engraving and design. My ink and engraved creations span a broad variety of mediums including glass, fabric, stone, wood and paper, but they all bear the imprint of my unique vision; to create, educate and inspire.  

Starla teaches Calligraphy, Zentangle and Alcohol inks and offers coaching to help you discover the creative genius within.

Also a Member of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective and Gallery 200 in West Chicago

Thomas E. Rednour III is a long

time resident of Romeoville.

Son of Theresa M. Capone and Thomas E Rednour JR.

Thomas has a real love for his community. 

Following three thumb joint replacement surgeries, she found that she could no longer hold a pen, pencil or brush for long enough to create the intricate artworks she had always enjoyed. Her long career as a graphic designer had honed her computer skills, and with her right arm in a cast from knuckles to elbow, she quickly discovered that she could still push the mouse around and click. Thus began a marvelous experiment in the digital realm.

"Digital art is an emerging form of creative expression, a marriage of technology and traditional art forms. The computer allows me to push the limits of my creative nature, to fine tune my composition and to achieve a harmonious balance of texture, color and luminosity that lifts the spirit and inspires a sense of wonder.” —Barbara Berney

BersneyDesign.com                             Barbara Berney Design Consultants